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Listening to interviews with polling companies on the radio about how the public views the election, its pretty obvious a significant number of Australians are absolutely fed up with the bullshit.  Fed up with the major parties, disgusted by the spin,lies, promises, backdowns, mistakes, lack of any leadership,  useless policies and incredible arrogance.

These would be politicians do not represent Australians.  They are deaf to the concerns of the voting public.   Turnbull’s pathetic promises to up the dollars to protect the Reef are a waste of oxygen and completely meaningless in terms of gaining any protection for the Reef.    Then there’s his Environment Minister who is so bad, so irresponsible, such a compromised ugly manifestation of how money and power corrupts, and yet Turnbull apparently can’t see or hear how much Australians loathe this man.

Then there’s Shorten.  And de Natale.  The Greens – who apparently have completely forgotten the environment – want 50,000 refugees to come to Australia annually.    Their leader can’t answer what’s supposed to happen to the other 57 million refugees but no doubt the Greens leader and the dreadful Sarah Hanson Young will find ways to strip the country bare as we make way for an invasion.

Let’s not forget the HORRIFIC treatment of Australia’s cattle filmed in Vietnam.   More than 70% of listeners to the ABC said they wanted the live export trade stopped.  This is a CRIMINAL WICKED trade and could only be permitted by politicians who have no morals, compassion or decency.

No one has asked Turnbull what he thinks about the NSW Liberal Premier Barbarian Baird and his new Biodiversity Conservation Act ( ha ha.. what a spin) which wipes out the Threatened Species Act, the Native Vegetation Act, parts of the National Parks & Wildlife Act, the list is endless.  But the results will be a war against nature with wholesale land clearing allowed, all based on self assessment.   If this legislation gets through the NSW Parliament, and its due to be presented in September/October this year, NSW will become a desert and we will lose the wildlife.  Already there are l00l threatened species in NSW and the koala is on the verge of extinction.  Who gave Baird the Barbarian the right to destroy nature ?  This man is supposed to be a devout Christian.  One can only wonder what Jesus would think about someone who purports to believe in compassion and creation destroying the earth he’s supposed to protect.

Does Turnbull propose introducing 7 years imprisonment penalties for protestors like his mate Barbarian Baird has done ?  Does the PM think this is democratic ? What does the PM think about the environment ?  Seems like he’s more interested in having Muslim leaders for dinner at Kirribilli, even ones who pour hate on the gay community.  And if he claims he didn’t know that the hate Sheik was invited, how bad is his department and advisors ?

Why isn’t the PM inviting the valiant wonderful grass roots campaigners from all over this country who fight for their communities ? These are the folks who are the real inspiration of what it means to be ( or used to be) Australian.

Let’s look at the economy.   Can we really afford these egomaniacs as our leaders ? What’s the cost of destroying the ecosystems on which we depend for the air we breathe ?  How much is our wildlife, forests, rivers, agricultural land worth ?  What value is placed on a healthy environment ?  Jobs and growth is a terrible mantra.    We don’t need the kind of growth major parties are talking about.  We need jobs in renewable energy, in cleaning the rivers, planting forests, investing in clean green agriculture so Australia can help feed the world.

It must be a worldwide cancer infesting the planet.  Looking at the US elections is enough to give any sane person acute sleepless nights.   Add the Australian situation and you’re guaranteed to have sleepless nights for a long time to come.

This blog predicts the Senate will once again be un-workable with many Independents taking seats again and blocking legislation.   This may end up being a blessing.


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