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If you do nothing else this weekend, please go to: and watch the extraordinary program that CNN has put together.   Scientists from some of the most prestigious universities in the US have provided extensive research which is so deeply concerning.   It’s downright terrifying to imagine the Earth with two thirds of species gone, lost forever.   

Yet, in this zombie land we live in, the headlines are about Turnbull voicing support for a Republic.  Or the Victorian government supporting an end to identifying men and women as husband and wife.. or not identifying babies by their sex… or how gender fluidity is now something that must be imposed on Victorian public servants who work with LGBTI people.    Or how the emergency services must now consider this community as ” discriminated ” against when evacuations from floods and bushfires are made.   There’s no intersex toilets and the poor old LGBTI community have to sometimes stay in emergency housing where they feel discriminated against. Man alive, this country is in a terrible mess.    

The environment has disappeared from mainstream media.   No better example can be found with a press release which Australians for Animals Inc. put out last week calling the NSW Chief Scientist ” Independent” report on the decline of Koalas in NSW a crock of crap.   The ” independent” members of the panel comprised the Forestry Commission, the Roads and Maritime Services, Government bureaucrats, a consultant to the RMS and the Australian Museum.  Not one Koala expert was included nor any conservation organisations, community groups, or scientists working in the field with Koalas.    Not one single newspaper, radio station, TV network reported one single word in spite of the inclusion of a report by a well recognised scientist whose research demonstrates the extinction of a nationally significant koala population as a result of the Pacific Highway Upgrade.

Then there’s the Adani farce.  No bank will provide Adani with the funds needed to allow the project to proceed… but wait.. Turnbull and his dreadful government are preparing to put up $1 billion so the project can go ahead with the necessary rail line.   Taxpayer funded carbon emissions for a corrupt Indian company with a shocking environmental record. 

Dick Smith took out advertisements in the Australian and Sydney Morning Herald asking Lucy Turnbull who plays a major role in the future planning of Sydney ( jobs and growth) how the city could accommodate 200,000 immigrants coming in each year..  He asked her to explain where the jobs would be.  What will happen to Australian families and our way of life – changing from a backyard with a cubby and barbecue to an apartment on the 12th floor to raise our kids.

The extinction of Australia’s unique wildlife is happening now.   The destruction of the Great Barrier Reef is happening now.   Our cities are becoming unliveable with gridlock and housing prices.   Our politicians and the major parties REFUSE to acknowledge that Australia has a very limited carrying capacity, this ancient land is dry and its getting a helluva lot drier with climate change ( which doesn’t exist as far as most of the Coalition is concerned).

Our mainstream media is outrageous.   In the days when I was learning journalism, if articles were not balanced,objective and ensured that all sides of an argument were aired, the story never saw the light of day.  Now we have corporations running the media and there is zero objectivity.  Instead we’re being treated like zombies with the most critical issues facing this country censored out of existence.  We’re being fed a steady diet of babble and political correctness.

As Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul wrote in ” The Unconscious Civilisation” ” the sign of a sick civilzation is the growth of an obscure, closed language that seeks to prevent communication.”    Australian media is an Olympic champion of a sick civilisation.    The ACCC has recently given approval for Murdoch to buy up another swag of rural newspapers owned by APN, which means more censorship of environmental issues, more and more babble.

There’s a tremendous plague of insensibility to reality in Australia.   The public is being brainwashed by corporations.   In the US, the brainwashing put Trump in office.

Australia is hardly better off with our current government.

There will soon be no turning back from the sixth extinction.   The only extinction caused by humanity’s abuse of the Earth.


Sue Arnold 




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