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The dreadful news that Adani has been given the go-ahead for the Carmichael mine is tragic.  This will be the biggest coal mine in the world with carbon emissions to match annually the entire carbon emissions from all Scandinavian countries.



There has been no opportunity for voters to agree or disagree with the Labor and Coalition governments dedication to selling of Australia’s unique assets to foreign corporations – no matter who or why.   Look no further than the ongoing buy up of precious agricultural land and industries by the Chinese.

Adani are seeking a low interest $1 billion loan from the Federal government to ensure a rail road is built to transport the coal to Abbot Point   Queensland’s premier is crowing about the jobs Adani will bring to Queensland and a renewal of Townsville and other regional cities.   Not a word about the impacts of the mine on the Reef, the spin about Australia’s wonderful stewardship of the Reef is written in concrete and not to be discussed or debated.  UNESCO will have to swallow the bullshit otherwise there’ll be problems.

And so it goes.  Trump is elected and the US environment is now facing the worst threat to survival probably in the entire history of the US.   In Australia, Turnbull is so weak on the environment, its pathetic.   Unfortunately there’s no energy in the Labor Party and the Greens long ago abandoned any real focus on protecting wildlife and the Earth.

The Australian Conservation Foundation has worked tirelessly and raised a lot of money trying to stop Adani and protect the Reef.

It’s a very sad situation but the reality of 2016 is that we now have governments, bureaucrats, a significant percentage of the scientific community, lawyers and mainstream media representing their backers, corporations foreign or otherwise.   On the people side of the equation, there’s almost no one to turn to.

Protests at Standing Rock have been awe inspiring and it’s good news that the Army Engineers have refused to issue a permit to put the pipeline under the Missouri River. BUT… Trump has money invested in the company that’s putting in the pipe and the President elect says the pipeline will go ahead.   

We need these kinds of protests in Australia but the reality is people are far too concerned with their own lives, and many are beaten down by the system which now gets away with lies, misinformation, deceit and scorn.

Adani is just the start of efforts to dig up all Australia’s energy resources so that ” the poor Asians” can also have electricity which will allow for more ” jobs and growth”.

We are living in a time of total insanity.   

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