Newman Great Barrier Reef QLD ROGUE STATE

newman great barrier reef

Newman Great Barrier Reef Record – That of a dictator and Rogue State.

Opinion: Newman government must go.

Queensland voters have a huge responsibility in the elections which are due in a few months.  Campbell Newman is an

environmental madman (just look at the Newman Great Barrier Reef record) only equalled by his Minister for the Environment (what a misnomer) Andrew Powell.  The latest effort to open up the water from the Great Artesian Basin and allow a free for all in terms of access to water by developers and the mining industry is a crime against nature.

Campbell Newman has no mandate to allow the immense environmental destruction which has characterized his dictatorship.

Make no mistake, Queensland has a dictator in office and the evidence of his actions are everywhere.   With no upper house and a severely constrained Crime Commission, this man is running amok.

Combined with the other latest effort by the two crazy governments, the legislation which will prevent dumping of dredge spoil in the Reef makes no sense unless the Ports are included.  Yet another spin and another effort to convince the World Heritage Secretariat that Australia is doing the right thing.

Australian politics are in chaos.   The environment is in chaos.  To undo the damage which Newman and Abbott have wrought on this country will take years.  Without a Federal ICAC and an agency with the same powers as NSW ICAC in Queensland, our democracy is failing and there seems to be no limit to the damage which Abbott and Newman can visit on this ancient land.

We have been taken over by the resource industry.  Abbott and Newman – their puppets – and the Australian public, the voters are the only people who can arrest this madness.

Which brings us to the Labor Party.   If ever there was a time to start lobbying the ALP to overturn the dreadful decisions made under Gillard which opened the door to so much destruction of the Reef, it’s now.   Bill Shorten is remarkably silent on what the ALP would or wouldn’t do to protect the Reef.  He and the ALP need to be brought to account.

Do not feel helpless.  The politicians are feeling the heat of public angst and protest.  Tell your local MP and senators that you will not wear their destructive policies.   Don’t be put off by the mainstream media’s spin, don’t buy Murdoch newspapers.  Tell the major advertisers in the Murdoch newspapers you will not shop at their outlets.

We have to overcome this nightmare because there is no future under these governments.

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