KAFDA not convinced Keppel Bay off radar, as QRC claims

KEPPEL and Fitzroy Delta Alliance are not convinced by the chief executive of Queensland Resources Council, Michael Roche’s statement that Keppel Bay was off the radar.

KAFDA spokeswoman Ginny Gerlach said the statement was misleading for the public and, with the Fitzroy Terminal Project application still on the table, concern for the health of Keppel Bay and the Fitzroy Delta was still very real.

“We are surprised to hear the Queensland Resources Council statement that port development for Keppel Bay and the Fitzroy Delta is off the radar,” Ms Gerlach said.

“We feel Mr Roche is misleading the community for a number of reasons.

“Firstly, The Queensland Port Strategy remains in draft form and has not been released in its final version.

“Furthermore, the draft Port Strategy clearly allows for the transfer of coal from barges to ships anywhere in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park including Keppel Bay.”

Ms Gerlach said there remained grave doubt the statement “Keppel Bay is off the Radar” referred to the Mitchell Group’s Fitzroy Terminal Project application.

“This project proposes to transfer coal from Raglan Creek near Port Alma to ships anchored in exposed waters of Keppel Bay,” she said.

“If Mr Roche’s statement is correct, the Keppel and Fitzroy Delta Alliance calls upon the Mitchell Group to withdraw the application for the Fitzroy Terminal Project and allow the community, tourism, small business and fishing and boating sectors of our region to truly be released from the threat that this project poses to the lifestyle and economy of the Coastal region.”

Mitchell Group’s Mr Ben King said the group was currently preparing an environmental impact study for the Fitzroy Terminal Project.

The $1.2 billion terminal project would have the capacity to export up to 22m tonnes of coal each year.

SOURCE: http://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/is-keppel-bay-off-the-radar-kafda-qrc/2209538/



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