Julie Bishop Obama Stoush Ambition Driven

julie bishop obama

The Julie Bishop Obama Stoush is being driven by her over inflated ego and more, and it’s far from representative.

Opinion: Don’t be fooled into thinking that Bishop is showing strong leadership by her so called rebuke of Obama over the reef and climate change. Julie Bishop has a long history of rattling her cage and this behavior is merely another indication of her super charged ego and indeed her arrogance.

As our Foreign Minister however, she feels safe (even driven) to do so, because she’s well aware of the scale of US climate denialism embosomed by two thirds of its population who identify as Christian.

Her statement, “…and we do not believe that it (the Reef) is in danger” overtly defies the science and peer reviewed research and comes with a sub text which is directed squarely; not at the White House, but at creationists the world over. Even moderate Christians believe that the Reef and in fact all of the world’s natural wonders will be fully restored in the second coming.

And the “we” component of this outrageous statement refers not to the Australian People (though we do have our share of religious zealots), but to her inner circle who probably conduct private prayer workshops before attending Parliament.

While the notion that there might be a religious sect at Australia’s helm is disturbing to say the least, it is even more disturbing to consider that they are; for the most part highly skilled and highly motivated lawyers and strategists.

Bishop’s inflated ego is exceeded only by her rampant ambition and so rather than performing her duties as our international diplomat, she is relishing every opportunity to raise her personal profile by taking on the American President with all the acumen of a gun lawyer in a courtroom; and most likely on the basis that, “you started it”.

Unfortunately, it seems she’s just getting warmed up, which is even more unfortunate for the Reef, the global climate struggle, Australia’s future and our international reputation.

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Watch this space for our grass roots response to this dominatrix in residence’s “evil” doings.


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