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The Great Barrier Reef Blog is intended as a forum for discussion about the promotion and protection of the Great Barrier Reef and the life it sustains. There an numerous threats to the very existence of this natural wonder and here, we attempt to identify them and appropriate strategies for countering them. Unfortunately many power brokers believe that the Reef is either a insignificant dumping ground for the Oil and Gas industries, or a resource zone at the service of such. This is unimaginable considering that the decline of the Great Barrier Reef has been well documented by marine scientist, conservationists and locals alike.

We believe that by fostering discussion, transparency and community support for the protection of the Reef, it’s possible to change the tide of destruction and provide the Reef with what it needs the most, time to recover.

Please feel free to comment and bookmark this Great Barrier Reef Blog. Please also invite your friends to like and share it via their social and professional networks and in “real life” via word of mouth. The more support that can be garnished for the protection of the Reef, the more likely it is that when critical decisions are made, our collective voices will be heard.

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julie bishop barrier reef

REEF LIES AND PROPOGANDA BY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOW FOCUSED ON WORLD HERITAGE DELEGATES. Julie Bishop as Foreign Minister has now ordered Ministers and bureaucrats to travel to at least 21 countries who are member nations of the World Heritage Convention … Continue reading

UNESCO Great Barrier Reef Listing

UNESCO great barrier reef

UNESCO Great Barrier Reef Listing in her sights. Julie Bishop steps up lobbying to stop Great Barrier Reef being listed ‘in danger’ Australian foreign minister to use Lima climate talks to warn other nations that downgrading the reef’s world heritage … Continue reading

Bishop heads to Lima amid catastrophic warning for Barrier Reef

julie bishop barrier reef

LIMA: Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is due to fly to Lima early next week, amid warnings from the climate change conference that the world’s coral reefs face catastrophic losses, even if we manage to meet a 2°C warming target. … Continue reading

Great Barrier Reef Lima Australian government taken to international tribunal over Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef lima

An Australian environment law group will present evidence the government is mishandling threats to the Great Barrier Reef Lima at a new international tribunal. THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT’S handling of the dangers facing the Great Barrier Reef Lima will be brought … Continue reading