Bishop heads to Lima amid catastrophic warning for Barrier Reef

julie bishop barrier reef

LIMA: Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is due to fly to Lima early next week, amid warnings from the climate change conference that the world’s coral reefs face catastrophic losses, even if we manage to meet a 2°C warming target. … Continue reading

Great Barrier Reef Lima Australian government taken to international tribunal over Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef lima

An Australian environment law group will present evidence the government is mishandling threats to the Great Barrier Reef Lima at a new international tribunal. THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT’S handling of the dangers facing the Great Barrier Reef Lima will be brought … Continue reading

Peru climate conference talks set to put heat on Abbott government’s stance

peru climate change conference

The Abbott government’s stance on global warming is likely come under renewed scrutiny as key talks to prepare for a new international climate treaty begin in the Peru climate conference. The UN Climate Conference began in Lima on Monday with … Continue reading

Great Barrier Reef Shipping

great barrier reef shipping

Great Barrier Reef shipping highways open Two-way Great Barrier Reef shipping highways into Australia’s coal ports on the Queensland coast have been formally adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and will come into effect this week. A third will … Continue reading

Global spotlight on Australia climate change stance

australian climate change denialism thanks to Abbott

Australia Climate Change Stance Criticized Australia recently hosted the Group of Twenty summit in Brisbane: a meeting of world leaders from the G20 alliance of nations with a shared objective to co-operatively manage global economic challenges. As host, Prime Minister … Continue reading

LNP Great Barrier Reef Abbott Govt Divisions

LNP Great Barrier Reef Tony Abbott in Parliament

(LNP Great Barrier Reef) – The Abbott Government’s in trouble, so who will take the fall? Whenever a government looks like it is about to sink a few things always happen. Whenever a government looks like it is about to … Continue reading