AFA Jan News Stop Liverpool Plains Coal Mine

stop liverpool plains coal mine

AFA Jan 2016 Newsletter – Help Stop Liverpool Plains Coal Mine


Massive Chinese interests are moving in to buy up land, real estate, ports, companies, the list is endless.
Selling off Australia’s prime agricultural land as well as many successful dairies, horticulture operations and beef cattle properties makes no sense. Shenhua Liverpool Plains

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The Gunnedah Koala population represents one of the few remaining significant populations left in New South Wales. It is a population of regional, State and Federal significance.

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Tell Premier Baird NOT to grant the company a lease to build and operate the mine.

AFA is no fan of the Australian Koala Foundation, but the organisation estimates the Koala population of the greater Gunnedah Local Government Area at only 800-1,300 animals, as opposed to the company’s claims that numbers are an order of magnitude greater (8,613-16,893; Revised Koala Plan of Management Section 8.1.4).

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Australia is the only country in the world with Koalas. These delightful creatures do no harm, they sleep for a large part of the day, munch leaves and re-vegetate native forests.

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AFA Jan News Stop Liverpool Plains Coal Mine — 4 Comments

  1. Please think before selling parts of Australia to the Chinese. What would happen if there was a break in relations between the two countries? I don’t believe that any country should be allowed to buy parts of another country, there will be war!! Not only is it detrimental to the people of the native country, the wildlife will suffer too. Think of the ivory in Africa. The elephant and rhino are almost extinct. What will the Chinese think of doing with Koalas? We know they have a warped minds when it comes to animals.
    Australia is prized for it’s beautiful scenery and exclusive flora and fauna, not to mention everything in the seas, do not let greed and profit spoil any of these. If the country is sold out for mining the tourists will have nothing to come and see and this will spell disaster. I hope that the governments will see what might happen in the long run if this goes ahead.
    I have already boycotted trips to China in the past because of their dealings with ivory and will be devastated if the Australian government can only see $$$ when it should be protecting a national icon.

  2. Why fight when you can buy it. We just give our country away nowadays. In Mount Gambier South Australia, there is a deal going on to sell the water to the Chinese.
    All manufacturing and forests have already been sold. YEP to the Chinese!
    THERE WE GO!!!!
    I bet they are buying water, as most water in the northern hemisphere will be contaminated by radiation. (only now, South Australia (MT Gambier) water will cost a million per 250 ml (Not paid to the South Australian community) – radiation free, spring water – to the elite.. ).

  3. Well the Japanese will take care of any problems for all of life including mankind with Fukushima.
    I never fit in, never did.. All for the love of money.. Seems like the heart is never included with the
    Brains decision .

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