Abbot Point approval misses the point

Sara Phillips ABC Environment 11 Dec 201 SOURCE: What point is an environmental assessment processes if it misses out one of the most pressing environmental issues? NORTH OF BOWEN, where mangoes come from, is a port at a place called … Continue reading

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority approves plan to dump Abbot Point spoil

Freya Petersen SOURCE ABC NEWS: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has approved a proposal to dump dredge spoil from the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion in the Marine Park area. Three million cubic metres of spoil must be … Continue reading

Campbell Newman blasts Clive Palmer over tailings as Cyclone Dylan nears

Jamie Walker | The Australian | January 31, 2014 12:00AM QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman has blasted Clive Palmer for failing to safeguard potentially toxic tailings at his north Queensland nickel refinery, as the region braced for the onslaught of tropical … Continue reading

Scientists get second shot at Gladstone Harbour probe

Two CSIRO scientists who last year found Gladstone Harbour to be healthy have been appointed to conduct a new independent inquiry into the harbour. On Thursday Environment Minister Greg Hunt appointed Anthea Tinney and Ian Cresswell to help Andrew Johnson … Continue reading


The recent announcement by Environment Minister Greg Hunt that the promised ‘ fiercely independent inquiry which would cover all aspects of Gladstone Port development’ has turned out to be hollow indeed. The terms of reference for this whitewash will not … Continue reading

No need to dump Abbot Point spoil on Reef, expert says

30th Jan 2014 2:33 PM A TOP water quality expert says the spoil from the Abbot Point dredging project does not need to be dumped offshore in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Professor Jon Brodie, a former adviser to … Continue reading

Rising carbon dioxide affecting health of fish living on the Great Barrier Reef

Updated Thu 30 Jan 2014, 8:14pm AEDT Queensland researchers say rising carbon dioxide levels are causing worsening health effects for fish living on the Great Barrier Reef. A James Cook University study has found the changed water quality is affecting … Continue reading

Great Barrier Reef authority set to announce decision on dumping of Abbot Point coal port spoils

By Environment and Science reporter Jake Sturmer Updated 7 hours 22 minutes ago The agency responsible for protecting the Great Barrier Reef is expected to make a decision today about whether it approves a plan to dump millions of cubic … Continue reading